Friday, November 03, 2006

Someone's In A Really Foul Mood Today

The following words and/or phrases will no longer be tolerated in my vicinity:

  • "Like" a la Tourette's: "Like, I was, like, asking myself, like, do I, like, like him, or like, what exactly, like, y'know? " Have you, like, considered seeing, like, a doctor for that?  I hear that they have some wonderful medications these days.

  • "Hella": Hella this, hella that... Hey buddy, how would you like to experience hella pain right now?

  • "My bad": Your bad what, you moronic surfer dude?

  • "Anal" or "anal retentive": Potty talk meets Freudian psychobabble. Say it one more time and my boot will connect with the associated region on your body with such force that you'll be retaining shoe leather for the rest of the month.

You have been warned.


Blogger Lawrence Gage said...

I couldn't agree more! A pox on sloppy language!

2:40 PM  

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