Friday, June 10, 2005

My Singularity Singularity

I seem to be encountering my own singularity on the Singularity these days. Without really intending to, I keep stumbling on great material related it. Via someone I'm too lazy to look up again, I found Logic, DNA, and Poetry, a critical and refreshingly new take on how two of the potential feeders into the Singularity -- artificial intelligence and genetics -- have been hobbled by reductionistic thinking. Further digging into the the author, Steve Talbott, and his associated organization looks promising as well.

Even better, on a totally unrelated web search I found an issue of Whole Earth magazine on the Singularity. (The issue-specific links don't seem to be intended as permanent, however, so you probably want to check it out quickly if interested.) Lots of promising material there.

I may eventually blog more on these finds, real life permitting.

UPDATE: The Talbott piece is also in the current issue of The New Atlantis.


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