Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Anti-Intelligent-Design Arguments, Adolescent Edition

These aren't very fair, but they are damned funny and do capture the attitudes and rhetoric of the most obnoxious missionary atheists who go after IDers: Best of the Burning Panda. Some of my favorites:
8)The argument from falsifiability
1. I.D. isn’t real science because it isn’t falsifiable.
2. Evolution is true and has falsified design.
3. Therefore evolution is true.

11)The argument from computer programs.
1. A programmer wrote a program that he installed on a computer.
2. The code took written words and randomly placed them together, under certain programmed rules, to form complete sentences.
3. See? Random processes CAN create information.
4. Therefore evolution is true.

28)The appeal to Richard Dawkins
1. Richard Dawkins is an evolutionist
2. Richard Dawkins is also smart
3. Therefore evolution is true.

SIDENOTE: I have added a new blogroll category, Weird Science, where I will have links to Intelligent Design and other "fringe" science related blogs I find interesting.

UPDATE: Before some itinerant Web hooligan jumps on me as a "nutjob creationist", let me point out that while I am religious, I have never had the slightest problem with evolutionary theory, nor am I a particular fan of Intelligent Design. I do, however, think there is value in having scientific spoilsports such as IDers, and find that evolution partisans too often dress up as "science" what is actually their own arrogant personal ideology.


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