Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Reefer Roommate

Pothead in the morning
Pothead in the evening
Pothead at suppertime
With Bob's homemade super-bong
He can be a pothead anytime

Well, that break did not last for long. It seems I've traded an insane conspiracy theorist for a marijuana addict. It's rather ironic considering my long-standing, intense animosity toward weed-smokers. (Ha ha, God. Very funny.)

Maybe I should just see it as extra motivation for finishing this thing...


Anonymous michela said...

I very much enjoy your writing style so if "this thing" is a book, or some dissertation of some sort, we'd love to read it (me, and all the lepers in my head)

11:48 AM  
Blogger Bernhardt Varenius said...

Thanks for the compliment, Michela. Yes, the "thing" is a dissertation. I just became "All But Dissertation" so it's starting to feel like an albatross around my neck. Slowly but surely, though...

11:31 AM  

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